UK trio Gentlemens Club is at the forefront of the worldwide bass music scene, leading the next wave of low-end sounds with their genre-blurring style and groundbreaking live sets.

Originally formed in 2013 as a strictly Dubstep act by producers/DJs Soloman, 50Carrot and Coffi, the group now incorporates an expansive sound that explores every shade of bass, from Trap hybrids to futuristic basslines and beyond.
Armed with an endless stockpile of bass bombs, Gentlemens Club have cemented themselves as one of the fastest-rising acts in electronic music, certified by their international following, global tours and rapidly growing discography that already counts +25 million collective streams.
The Gentlemens Club sound pushes the limits of bass music: On any given track, they can flex wobbly Dubstep drops, hard-edged subs and electrified rhythms atop intricate melodies and sophisticated sound design. It’s a boundary-breaking approach that has solidified the all-around bass act as one of the fiercest breakout newcomers in dance music of this decade.

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